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Gush Shalom Political positions:

The Green Line (the borders of the pre 1967 war) will be a border of peace Between two free and sovereign states: Israel and Palestine.

  • All Israeli settlers in the now occupied territories will return to Israel.
  • Jerusalem will be an open city, and will serve as capital to both states:
    East Jerusalem will be the capital of Palestine,
    West Jerusalem will be the capital of Israel.
  • Both parties can reach a just and agreed upon solution for the tragedy of Palestinian refugees, based on these guidelines: Israel will acknowledge its share of responsibility for this tragedy, and will accept, in principle, the right of return.
    The refugees will be offered several possible venues of rehabilitation and compensation.
    One of these venues, will allow a limited number of refugees, the right to return to the state of Israel, based on a formula that will maintain the Jewish majority in the state of Israel.

These positions do not offer absolute justice, but rather,
a formula which can be accepted by the majority of the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.

An elaborate draft of a peace proposal

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