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A Rare Opportunity:
A Push For Peace in the Middle East

Daily Star Editorial

As the Middle East region suffers continued stress, conflict and stalemate, Arab leaders over the next eight weeks have a rare opportunity to do a rare thing: take the initiative and "sell" to the world their vision of a Middle East that is considerably better off than it is today.

To move this vision forward, it is time to look back and relaunch the Arab Peace Initiative which was presented to the world at the Beirut Arab League summit of 2002. The formula was, and still is, simple: full Arab recognition of Israel in exchange for a Palestinian state based on the land Israel has occupied since the 1967 war. In short, not only an end to the bloody Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but a solution to the Israeli-Arab standoff and the closing of a chapter in Middle Eastern history that has poisoned decades and continues to destabilize the region.

To get this vision off the ground, Arab leaders must build on the current diplomatic movement in the region and abroad, and consider holding an international conference to promote, indeed push, the peace initiative as a viable plan that should be put into action by the international community.
Why now? Because the "Quartet" (the US, EU, UN and Russia) which designed the "Roadmap" for peace between Israel and the Palestinians met Tuesday at the ministerial level for the first time in nearly a year. This year's Arab summit, already postponed once, is scheduled for later this month; June will see meetings of both the G8 group of industrialized nations and NATO.
And leaders in the US and UK are getting pressured publicly by scores of their former diplomats in the Middle East who challenge current policies.

Syrian President Bashar Assad has called for an Arab initiative or diplomatic drive of some sort. This is as urgent as it is essential, and he should coordinate such a drive with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah - the original sponsor of the Arab Peace Initiative - and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

It is not often that so many important international gatherings take place in such a short space of time - indeed, it is akin to a certain alignment of the stars. When an opportunity such as this one occurs for presenting a vital international issue to the world community for resolution, it must not be missed.

Source: The Daily Star, May 5, 2004
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