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...the lad has actually turned 80!


You Are Cordially Invited to an
Evening in Honor of
Uri Avnery

on his 80th (believe it or not!) birthday

Participating in the event are

  • Shulamit Aloni
  • Ahmed Tibi
  • Loba Eliav
  • Alex Massis
  • Ziad Abu-Ziad
  • Amnon Zichroni
  • Yitzhak Livni
  • Sirhan Salaimeh
  • Haim Baram
  • Adam Keller

Providing the vocal fare:
Aviv Gefen

Moderating the affair: Amikam Gurevitch
Additionally, a sreening of select segments of Uri’s life: Shahaf Haber and Nadav Harel

Place:  Tzavta, Auditorium no. 1
When: Tuesday, September 9, 2003
Time: 20:30
Tickets (to cover the costs) 40.00 shekel

Everyone is Invited to Come and Celebrate the Event

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