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Peace Organizations:

Adalah: The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel. http://www.adalah.org

Americans for Peace Now: APN is an American Jewish organization affiliated with Peace Now In Israel. It has an active advocacy, congressional relations, and public education program, and advocates a two state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that combines security for Israel and an end to Israeli settlements. Debra DeLee is President and CEO. http://www.peacenow.org

Shalom Achshav [Peace Now] in Israel
http://www.peacenow.org.il [Hebrew]
http://www.peacenow.org.il/English.asp [English]

Canadian Friends of Peace Now

Ha'aretz Daily Edition
Ha'aretz is an Israeli daily newspaper, now available on the web in both Hebrew and English.

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Especially notable are the sections on the peace process and a selection of reference documents.

This is a privately operated site including Middle East peace and business information, and Middle East and Israel News links that are updated frequently.

Links and Documents Human Rights Groups in Israel and Palestine || Yitzhak Rabin's Last Speech || Treaties and historic documents -- From the Balfour Declaration to Now || PEACE - A Jewish-Arab Dialogue Group || PeaceWatch -- Keeping track of the process || Mideastweb.org an educational site || Ha'aretz Israel's best daily newspaper (in English) || Shalom/Salaam/Welcome -- More Off-site Peace Links || Contact Them -- Email and Fax numbers for U.S., European, Israeli, UN, and Palestinian officials

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Ali Abunimah's bitter pill uncovering media myths about the middle east
Alternative Information Center Another useful source of information
"AMIN" Arab Media Internet Network .
AMPAL Americans & Palestinians for Peace
Ariga A very useful and elaborate Israeli peace network.
ARIJ A large and elaborate Palestinian research site.
Asmarani's Site "The views of a rational Palestinian"(quote from the site)
Association of Forty An association taking care of 40 Arab villages unrecognized by Israel
"Bat-Shalom" A feminist center for peace and social justice.
"B'tselem". an Israeli - Palestinian human rights organization.
CAABU Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding
CPT Christian Peace Team
Cyber Palestine A Site containing information regarding 418 ruined Palestinian communities
FMEP (foundation for Middle East peace). A lot of important information concerning settlements.
Ha-Gallil Gush Shalom site in Germany.
Hanthala Palestine A new Palestinian Human Rights organization
IndyMedia An alternative important source of information.
IntifadaOnLine A Europe-Based Palestinian site supporting the intifada.
ittijah Union of Arab Community Based Associations
Jerusalemites A Beautifully made Palestinian site containing plenty of information and material.
Jewish Peace fellowship a Jewish voice in the peace community
and a peace voice in the Jewish community.
LAW. The Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment.
MER An important source of information regarding the Middle East.
MidEastWeb GateWay A site dedicated to dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians.
MIFTAH A Palestinian independent institution committed to fostering the principles of democracy.
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NileMedia An independently operated cyber magazine
Norbert's Bookmarks For Active People A huge active index of Peace, Ecology and Humanitarian organisations around the world
Not In My Name Jewish People who are committed to Just peace
Open Tent An umbrella group which support peace in the Middle East.
Oznikresistance news-service:
includes a regular selection from Jerusalem weekly Kol Ha'ir,
Shirabe's Report From Palestine, Art Actions,
and joint Palestinian-Jewish actions in NYC

PLO negotiation team Plenty of information on why the Camp David talks failed
And much more.
Palestine remembered a site dedicated to all destroyed Palestinian towns and villages
"Peace Now" An Israeli Peace Movement.
PNA Palestinian National Authority
Rabbis For Human Rights The voice of the Jewish tradition to human rights
"SALAM" An American based peace movement.
Seruv ????A site of the Reserve soldiers refusing to take part in the occupation
The Jewish-Palestinian Discussion Group
"The Other Israel"Site of the bi-monthly magazine which analyzes ME politics and reports on a variety of peace action on the ground.
Uri Avnery's (Gush Shalom Founder) Personal Site Including a biography and article of the week.
???? ?? Yesh GvulAn organization
supporting Israeli conscience objectors.

Tami Steinmetz Center for Peace Research
The purpose of the Center is to promote research and thinking on issues connected with peacemaking processes and conflict resolution.

A website that presents Israeli and Palestinian viewpoints on prominent issues of concern. It focuses on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and peace process, but other, related regional issues are also discussed.

Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information

The New Israel Fund
The New Israel Fund works to safeguard civil and human rights, promote Jewish-Arab coexistence, advance the status of women, foster tolerance and religious pluralism, bridge social and economic gaps, pursue environmental justive, and encourage government accountability.

An Israeli human rights organization

Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation

Foundation for Middle East Peace

Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University

Jerusalem Media and Communication Centre

Neve Shalom / Wahat al-Salam
A village in Israel established jointly by Jews and Palestinian Arabs of Israeli citizenship and engaged in educational work for peace, equality and understanding between the two peoples

Palestine News Agency

Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

Seeds of Peace

Seek Peace

Courage to Refuse: This is the website, still under construction, of the IDF Reserve Officers who have refused to serve in the occupied territories for reasons of conscience. http://seruv.org.il

The Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace: ICIPP was founded in 1975 by prominent Israeli Zionists, including retired general Matti Peled, to promote peace with the Palestinians and a Palestinian state in the West bank and Gaza. http://members.tripod.com/~other_Israel/ICIPP.html

Peace Now (Shalom Achshav): Peace Now is the leading Israeli peace group. It was established many years ago to promote a just Israeli-Palestinian peace through all forms of political activism. Its "Settlement Watch" program monitors settlement activity intensively. http://www.peacenow.org.il/

Research/Education Oriented (NGO's):

Alternative Information Center: A Palestinian-Israeli organization that promotes peace and social justice and disseminates information and analyses about the conflict with a progressive orientation. http://www.alternativenews.org/

American Committee on Jerusalem (ACJ): A group founded by prominent Arab-Americans devoted to educating the public about the Arab heritage and claim to Jerusalem and counteracting the view that Jerusalem should be exclusively controlled by Israel. ACJ provides daily excerpts from the press on Jerusalem and other Palestinian-Israeli issues. Ziad al Asali is President of ACJ. http://www.acj.org/

Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem (ARIJ): ARIJ, a Palestinian group, prepares high quality, professional research studies on environmental, scientific, land, water, resource, and Israeli settlement issues in the West bank and Gaza. Jad Isaac is the director of ARIJ. http://www.arij.org/

Begin-Sadat Institute for Strategic Studies (BESA): based on Bar-Ilan University in Israel, this research group concentrates on Israeli security and foreign policy issues. http://www.biu.ac.il/SOC/besa/

Center for Policy Analysis on Palestine: CPAP is the educational arm of the Washington-based Jerusalem fund. CPAP has a very active program of lectures, luncheon briefings, and publications, with a Palestinian perspective, on Palestinian and Israeli-Palestinian affairs and U.S. policy toward the conflict. Dr. Hisham Sharabi is the director. http://www.palestinecenter.org/

Health, Development, Information and Policy Institute: This is a Palestinian information and advocacy group that provides and disseminates information on Palestinian health, development, and related issues. Its website contains links to other Palestinian civil society NGO's. http://www.hdip.org/index.htm

Institute for Jerusalem Studies: An affiliate of the Institute for Palestinian Studies, which sponsors the Journal of Palestinian Studies, the Institute for Jerusalem Studies publishes the Jerusalem Quarterly which focuses on Jerusalem from a Palestinian perspective. Salim Tamari is the director. http://www.jqf-jerusalem.org/index.htm

Institute for Palestine Studies: IPS publishes the Journal of Palestine Studies, the Jerusalem Quarterly, and a wide variety of books and other materials in English, French, and Arabic. IPS is located in Washington. http://www.ipsjps.org/

Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information: IPCRI, led by Gershon Baskin and Zacharia al Qaq, is a well established Israeli-Palestinian research group that conducts a variety of Israeli-Palestinian projects related to the peace process and to economic and social development. It issues frequent analyses and opinion papers on current events in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to an e-mail network. As of early 2002, IPCRI was located in Bethlehem.

The Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development: This Washington-based NGO sponsors the Center for Policy and Analysis on Palestine and raises funds for education, relief, and development in Palestine. Its President is Dr. Hisham Sharabi. http://www.palestinecenter.org/

The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies: JIIS is a respected, non-partisan Israeli group that has published extensively on all aspects of the Jerusalem issue. Its work, some of which is in a problem-solving mode, has been influential in helping to shape Israeli-Palestinian negotiations on Jerusalem in the past. It publishes in English and Hebrew. http://www.jiis.org.il/

The Jerusalem Media and Communication Center: This independent Palestinian group, directed by Ghassan Al Khatib and based in East Jerusalem, publishes and circulates by e-mail, frequent high quality analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, usually by Palestinians, but also by Israeli contributors. http://www.jmcc.org/

The Moshe Dayan Center: a well established and prestigious Israeli think tank that publishes widely on current political and security issues. Its orientation is serious and scholarly. http://www.dayan.org/

The Middle East Institute: MEI, located in Washington, DC, runs an extensive program of lectures, conferences and briefings on the Middle East and U.S-Middle East relations. It publishes the quarterly Middle East Journal and frequent issues papers, and offers language courses in Arabic and Hebrew. MEI's President is Amb. (Ret.) Edward Walker. http://www.mideasti.org

The Middle East Policy Council: MEPC, based in Washington, promotes understanding of current issues in U.S.-Middle East relations. It publishes the quarterly Middle East Policy and arranges conferences and seminars and programs for schools to enhance understanding of the Middle East. Amb. (Ret.) Charles Freeman is the President. http://www.mepc.org/

MIFTAH: Hanan Ashrawi directs this NGO in east Jerusalem that promotes human rights, democracy, civil society and peace. http://www.miftah.org/

National Council on US-Arab Relations: This is an educational NGO that promotes U.S. relations with the Arab world through conferences for Middle East experts, academics and businessmen, group visits to the region, and high school and college programs, including "Model Arab League" simulations. Its President is John Duke Anthony. http://www.ncusar.org/

The Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs (PASSIA): A Palestinian organization located in Jerusalem, PASSIA holds conferences and seminars and publishes a wide variety of studies on Palestinian and Israeli-Palestinian issues and an annual diary. Mahdi Abdel Hadi is the director. http://www.passia.org/

The Palestinian Center for Rapprochement Between People: a Palestinian NGO based in Beit Sahour, a village close to Bethlehem with a tradition of pro-peace activism and non-violent resistance to Israel's occupation. http://www.rapprochement.org/

Washington Institute for Near East Policy: The Washington Institute is a large, Washington-based group that supports an active program of conferences and luncheon briefings on a wide variety of Middle East issues. It also publishes and disseminates widely books, analysis, and issue papers by resident analysts and others. Its orientation is pro-Israel. Robert Satloff is the President of WINEP. http://www.washingtoninstitute.org/

Human Rights:

Addameer: A Palestinian human rights organization based in Ramallah that concentrates on the rights of Palestinian prisoners in the West Bank and Gaza. http://www.addameer.org/

Amnesty International (Israel & Occupied Territories): Amnesty is the London-based international NGO that prepares authoritative studies of human rights world wide. http://www.amnesty-usa.org/countries/israel_and_occupied_territories/index.html

Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee: An Arab-American group that has merged the former National association of Arab Americans with the ADC. They have an active educational and government-liaison program for promoting the rights and welfare of all Arab-Americans as well as peace and justice for Palestinians and the rights of Arabs worldwide. http://www.adc.org/

Association for Civil Rights in Israel: ACRI is an active and well established NGO that promotes civil rights for all Israelis, Jewish and Arab, through advocacy, education, and litigation. http://www.nif.org/acri/acintro.html

Bat Shalom: This Israeli women's organization advocates peace and justice between Israelis and Palestinians and women's rights. It conducts political action and education programs sometimes with Palestinian counterparts. http://www.batshalom.org/1.htm

B'Tselem: A well-established Israeli human rights organization that focuses on human rights of Palestinians in the occupied territories as well as Israeli-Arabs. It publishes a wide variety of well researched and document studies and engages in other forms of public education and advocacy. http://www.btselem.org/

Human Rights Watch: This New York based worldwide human rights organization covers human rights in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict extensively. http://www.hrw.org/mideast/

LAW: The Palestinian Center for the Protection of Human Rights & the Environment: This human rights group established by a group of Palestinian lawyers maintains an extensive website on Palestinian human rights, legal issues, and related subjects.

Palestinian Center for Human Rights: This Gaza-based Palestinian human rights groups concentrates on human rights issues in Gaza. http://www.pchrGaza.org/

Palestine Human Rights Monitoring group: This is a Palestinian NGO that monitors violations of Palestinian human rights by both the government of Israel and the Palestinian authority in thorough, precise manner. It also conducts an active program research, publication, and public advocacy. It is the largest and most influential Palestinian human rights organization. http://www.phrmg.org/

The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel: This non profit Israeli advocacy group, which is based in Jerusalem, lobbies against torture and related violations of human rights by Israeli authorities and engages in litigation on behalf of victims of torture. http://www.stoptorture.org.il/

Rabbis for Human Rights: This Israeli organization gives voice to the Jewish tradition of human rights. It was founded in 1988 in response to serious abuses of human rights by the Israeli military in the occupied territories. RHR publicizes causes, helps victims, engages in civil disobedience, and promotes Jewish ecumencial dialogue and education in human rights. http://www.rhr.israel.net/overview.shtml


American Near East Refugee Aid: ANERA is a long-established and highly regarded Washington based NGO that carries out economic development programs in the West bank, Gaza and Jordan. It has offices in Orient house in east Jerusalem and in Gaza. ANERA's President is Peter Gubser. http://www.anera.org/

BADIL: Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugees: This Palestinian advocacy groups promotes refugee rights, in general, and support the "Right of Return." http://www.badil.org/

FAFO Refugee Working Group: This group, based at McGill University in Montreal, was created as part of the multilateral talks on refugees launched after the 1991 Madrid Peace Conference. http://www.fafo.no/IsesWeb/Engelsk/Mainpage.htm

The Palestinian Diaspora and Refugee Center - Shaml: This independent Palestinian NGO promotes the interests and rights of Palestinian refugees in the diaspora through advocacy, publications, oral histories and other projects. http://www.shaml.org/

Palestinian Refugee Research Net: This project, sponsored by a consortium of canadian universities and the canadian government, studies and disseminates information about the Palestinian refugee issue. http://www.arts.mcgill.ca/MEPP/PRRN/prfront.html


Ha'aretz: Israel's most prestigious daily newspaper, published in Hebrew and English, contains accurate reporting and excellent Op-ed and feature sections. http://www3.haaretz.co.il/eng/scripts/open.asp

Jerusalem Quarterly File: See Institute for Jerusalem Studies above. http://www.jqf-jerusalem.org/

Journal of Palestine Studies: JPS is a scholarly quarterly published in Washington with serious analysis by Palestinian, Israeli, and other contributors about Palestinian history and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. http://www.ipsjps.org/jps/

Middle East Information Center: This site had some good articles on currents issues and the history of the Arab Israeli conflict. http://middleeastinfo.org/

Middle East Insight: This quarterly magazine published in Washington has an eclectic mix of articles designed to inform about the Middle East. It has no discernable editorial bias. http://www.mideastinsight.org/

Middle East Journal: MEJ is a highly regarded scholarly quarterly published in Washington by the Middle East Institute. http://www.mideasti.org/html/journal.html

The Palestine-Israel Journal: This is a quarterly published in Jerusalem jointly sponsored and jointly edited by by pro-peace Palestinians and Israelis. Co-Editors are Ziad abu-Zayyad and Victor Cygielman. It contains serious analyses of peace-related issues. http://www.pij.org/

The Palestine Monitor: This is an extensive website by a Palestinian NGO, with information on all aspects of the Israeli-conflict. It is based in Ramallah. http://www.palestinemonitor.org



Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs: http://www.mfa.gov.il

Kalpi: This is the only publically accessible database of Israeli Knesset Members' voting records. Currently available in Hebrew, it will soon be available in English. http://www.kalpi.com

YESHA Council: This is the website of the Israeli Settler council that represents Israeli settlers in the West Bank and Gaza. http://www.moetzetyesha.co.il/

Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics: http://www.cbs.gov.il/engindex.htm

Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics: http://www.pcbs.org/

Palestinian National Authority

Official site: http://www.pna.net/


United States

State Department: http://www.state.gov
. A great resource of information about U.S. policy. A special page is set up for information about the Peace Process.



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